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Gas back in Komrat!

1 Jun

Today the gas is back in our apartment block after five days of cooking on an electric stove and heating up the water with a kettle! Complains don’t help because  ‘this is Moldova!’.


Let’s move on!

23 May

Today I moved to a new place, the apartment of a great friend of mine here in Komrat. It’s just the best place: even the six floors to go to reach the apartment are great as a free work out, and all I need to do is  to go out and come back home!

The only issue that could have made me upset today is that the water company that runs in Komrat has been shutting down the running water in all the city, and this has been the third day in the neighborhood. That’s why I thought I couldn’t bless my entrance in the apartment by having a real awesome long hot shower. The sky had something else in mind, though:)

Since I’ve being working on a reportage about the Orthodox Easter feast, this afternoon I left the apartment and I went to the cemetery in Komrat  to make some shooting about a peculiar Gagauzian ceremony concerning Easter: on Испас Day, roughly the fortieth day after Паcxa Day, people gathern in cemeteries and give away plates and cups full of food on behalf of their dead, just like they do on Easter Monday. However, while on Маленький Пасха ( Easter Monday) the dead are believed to come down on Earth, they are supposed to move back to heaven once again on  Испас Day, as they follow Christ in his resurrection.

I was just done with filming, and eating, when few drops stained the ground. I looked up: the sky was packed by gloomy clouds. No even a second later, the storm started and it didn’t help either when I ran under a tree.

By the time I reached my new apartment, the ain was over, and I was all socked and wet, literally ’till my underwears’, but I couldn’t stop laughing becuase afterall, I had the shower I was waiting for. And my bucket bath was just about to start!

Open Museum Night, Chisinau

20 May

May 19-20th. Museums were open during the night in big cities all across Europe, from Paris to Saint Petersburg.

As Moldova didn’t want to be outdone, Chisinau followed the step of its neighbours on Saturday 19th: free entrance till midnight for the National Museum of History, the Water Tower and two witty art exhibits, one of which featured ironic and sharp comics about the benefits of  joining the European Union lately.

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The expositions were meant to be involving and interactive: in the National Museum of History people dressed up with historical costumes entertained the viewer with parades, sword battles and piano perfomances.


Horse race in CiadrLunga

9 May

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Sunday 6th May, region of Gagauzia, Moldova

April 15th 2012 – ПАСХА celebration in Comrat

17 Apr

Orthodox Easter ceremony on Holy Saturday in Comrat, Gagauzia, Moldova

Open fires in Comrat

7 Apr

As soon as the warm weather ousted the winter with its freezing wind and muddy roads, other issue started affecting the happiness of walkers in Comrat. Open fires.

In a day, I’m hanging out downtown on the main street, I can count several open fires, made by people that want to get rid of branches, leaves and, worst of all, any genre of garbage. Even though it’s illegal, people sets fires everywhere: by roadways, almost at the front door of their houses, in their gardens and even in public parks. Soon the air gets heavily smoky and if you happen to be on the way of one of those black gusts, you will need a shower and  an aerosol.

Even though such a open trend was somehow surprising for me, I hadn’t been astonished as much as I was when I got to see an open fire in the public park next to the church, just in front of the police station. To increase the grotesque, or the irony, a firetruck was roughly fifty meters away while a team of firemen were cutting and taking some damaged branches off a next to the open fire.

At that point, I had to take a memory picture!

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As obvious to most of the people, this way to dispose of the waste is absolutely harmful for the environment, and for the health and psychological serenity of any person. So then why so many people here in Comrat committee such a savage action? Is everybody insane? The answer is that there’s neither recycling schedule, nor a garbage collecting system in Comrat, and the issue gets worst in the villages.

How are these people supposed to get rid of their garbage?

Italian Club – second meeting at Miras Moldova, Comrat

6 Apr

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Thusrday April 5th, Comrat

That warm afternoon a surprising number of people, instead of hanging out in the sun, gathered  in Miras Moldova centre at 3.30pm for the second meeting of the Italian club,

At first, we went on with our ‘Trip to the peninsula’ watching the Power Point presentation the regions of Valle d’ Aosta and Piemonte, by the very north western border, I had prepared counting on impressing my students with pictures of the Alpi’s majesty. We ‘visited’ Aosta, Torino and Asti, and talked about horses races, sanctuaries and sausages with polenta.


After a brief review of the subject pronouns and the conjugation of the verb ESSERE (to be), we came back to the last topic of the previous lesson: ‘PRESENTARSI’ (how to introduce ourselves). After the formal and informal phases used to address people in Italian ‘CIAO, COME STAI? TUTTO BENE’ etc.., we learnt how to ask and say name and age.

‘COME TI CHIAMI?’ ‘MI CHIAMO VERONICA’ – literal  translation: How are you called?

‘QUANTI ANNI HAI?’ ‘HO 21 ANNI’ – How many years do you have?

There came the time to stand up and practice what they had just taken serious notes about. The students had to imagine to be about to join some people they had never saw before for a certain meeting at a cafè in Italy. Of course, as proper Italians, they were supposed to be in late so that each of them would have reached the table one at the time. Each of the students had to introduce themselves to the people who were already sitting down, in a way that the introducing schema had to be repeated again and again. Through repetitively saying and listening to the same phases, the students were likely to memorize them quickly.

One thing more: the students had to remember to apologize for being in late by saying ‘SCUSA/SCUSATE IL RITARDO’.

Hiding at first the embarrassment with laughs and coughs, by the end all the students managed to have outstanding performance.

The next step was to order something to drink. As we had went my  ‘Manual of Italian coffee and their variations’ presentation, they didn’t get lost when they had to choose a drink from the menu I handed to them. They used the courtesy form ‘VORREI’ (I would like..) to ask mostly for ‘CAPPUCCINO’, my favorite one.

2-Manuale caffè

I was already mouth-watering when I said ‘ I hope not to disappointed you, but chai is the only drink we have available here.’ They burst out laughing, and we took comfort in eating cookies.