Let’s move on!

23 May

Today I moved to a new place, the apartment of a great friend of mine here in Komrat. It’s just the best place: even the six floors to go to reach the apartment are great as a free work out, and all I need to do is  to go out and come back home!

The only issue that could have made me upset today is that the water company that runs in Komrat has been shutting down the running water in all the city, and this has been the third day in the neighborhood. That’s why I thought I couldn’t bless my entrance in the apartment by having a real awesome long hot shower. The sky had something else in mind, though:)

Since I’ve being working on a reportage about the Orthodox Easter feast, this afternoon I left the apartment and I went to the cemetery in Komrat  to make some shooting about a peculiar Gagauzian ceremony concerning Easter: on Испас Day, roughly the fortieth day after Паcxa Day, people gathern in cemeteries and give away plates and cups full of food on behalf of their dead, just like they do on Easter Monday. However, while on Маленький Пасха ( Easter Monday) the dead are believed to come down on Earth, they are supposed to move back to heaven once again on  Испас Day, as they follow Christ in his resurrection.

I was just done with filming, and eating, when few drops stained the ground. I looked up: the sky was packed by gloomy clouds. No even a second later, the storm started and it didn’t help either when I ran under a tree.

By the time I reached my new apartment, the ain was over, and I was all socked and wet, literally ’till my underwears’, but I couldn’t stop laughing becuase afterall, I had the shower I was waiting for. And my bucket bath was just about to start!


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