Open fires in Comrat

7 Apr

As soon as the warm weather ousted the winter with its freezing wind and muddy roads, other issue started affecting the happiness of walkers in Comrat. Open fires.

In a day, I’m hanging out downtown on the main street, I can count several open fires, made by people that want to get rid of branches, leaves and, worst of all, any genre of garbage. Even though it’s illegal, people sets fires everywhere: by roadways, almost at the front door of their houses, in their gardens and even in public parks. Soon the air gets heavily smoky and if you happen to be on the way of one of those black gusts, you will need a shower and  an aerosol.

Even though such a open trend was somehow surprising for me, I hadn’t been astonished as much as I was when I got to see an open fire in the public park next to the church, just in front of the police station. To increase the grotesque, or the irony, a firetruck was roughly fifty meters away while a team of firemen were cutting and taking some damaged branches off a next to the open fire.

At that point, I had to take a memory picture!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As obvious to most of the people, this way to dispose of the waste is absolutely harmful for the environment, and for the health and psychological serenity of any person. So then why so many people here in Comrat committee such a savage action? Is everybody insane? The answer is that there’s neither recycling schedule, nor a garbage collecting system in Comrat, and the issue gets worst in the villages.

How are these people supposed to get rid of their garbage?


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