Italian Club – second meeting at Miras Moldova, Comrat

6 Apr

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Thusrday April 5th, Comrat

That warm afternoon a surprising number of people, instead of hanging out in the sun, gathered  in Miras Moldova centre at 3.30pm for the second meeting of the Italian club,

At first, we went on with our ‘Trip to the peninsula’ watching the Power Point presentation the regions of Valle d’ Aosta and Piemonte, by the very north western border, I had prepared counting on impressing my students with pictures of the Alpi’s majesty. We ‘visited’ Aosta, Torino and Asti, and talked about horses races, sanctuaries and sausages with polenta.


After a brief review of the subject pronouns and the conjugation of the verb ESSERE (to be), we came back to the last topic of the previous lesson: ‘PRESENTARSI’ (how to introduce ourselves). After the formal and informal phases used to address people in Italian ‘CIAO, COME STAI? TUTTO BENE’ etc.., we learnt how to ask and say name and age.

‘COME TI CHIAMI?’ ‘MI CHIAMO VERONICA’ – literal  translation: How are you called?

‘QUANTI ANNI HAI?’ ‘HO 21 ANNI’ – How many years do you have?

There came the time to stand up and practice what they had just taken serious notes about. The students had to imagine to be about to join some people they had never saw before for a certain meeting at a cafè in Italy. Of course, as proper Italians, they were supposed to be in late so that each of them would have reached the table one at the time. Each of the students had to introduce themselves to the people who were already sitting down, in a way that the introducing schema had to be repeated again and again. Through repetitively saying and listening to the same phases, the students were likely to memorize them quickly.

One thing more: the students had to remember to apologize for being in late by saying ‘SCUSA/SCUSATE IL RITARDO’.

Hiding at first the embarrassment with laughs and coughs, by the end all the students managed to have outstanding performance.

The next step was to order something to drink. As we had went my  ‘Manual of Italian coffee and their variations’ presentation, they didn’t get lost when they had to choose a drink from the menu I handed to them. They used the courtesy form ‘VORREI’ (I would like..) to ask mostly for ‘CAPPUCCINO’, my favorite one.

2-Manuale caffè

I was already mouth-watering when I said ‘ I hope not to disappointed you, but chai is the only drink we have available here.’ They burst out laughing, and we took comfort in eating cookies.


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